Call for application for EFMI Bursaries for EFMI STC 2018,
Zagreb, Croatia

To promote high attendance and also in order to ensure equal chance to participate at EFMI conferences regardless to economic and social situation, EFMI decided to offer bursaries for participants (under 35 years old) at MIE or STC conferences.

The bursaries’ aim is to encourage young and/or financially challenged colleagues to participate in EFMI’s conferences.

Additionally, the Mantas’ Foundation, due to the special theme of the EFMI STC2018 on education, has decided to support three (3) bursaries for young postgraduate/PhD students.

Bursaries will cover conference fee (student rate) only. Travel, accommodation and subsistence will not be covered by the bursaries.

Applications will be evaluated and judged by the Bursary Committee.

The following conditions must be met in order to get supported:

  1. The applicant is under 35 years old.
  2. The applicant is member of an EFMI national association (or just has submitted his/her application to the national association).
  3. The applicant is working in the field of medical/health informatics or is user of medical informatics applications or is a bachelor, master of PhD student in a relevant academic institution.
  4. The financial barrier is the only reason holding the applicant from registering.
  5. The applicant has sufficient resources to cover travel expenses and lodging (as these are not covered by the bursary).
  6. The conference corresponds with the applicant’s major activities (or studies).
  7. The application has submitted a full paper to the conference (bursary will only granted in case submission is finally accepted as full paper).

Priority will be given to:

  • Applicants that show the relevance of the conference to their study or work.
  • Applicant that receive employer/institute/university support for the participation in the conference (with or without financial support).
  • The applicant has submitted a good level paper to the conference.
  • Applicants from economically disadvantaged regions.

Gender and country balance will be also considered in the selection procedure.

Applicants should fill the attached application form and provide all relevant information that help the Bursary Committee to make fair judgement on applications.

Download the STC2018-Bursaries-Application-Form

Applications should be sent to the Bursaries Committee Chair Professor Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar,

Deadline for application:   August 31st, 2018

Notification on the outcome of the bursary application will be done mid-September 2018.